Carbon reduction statement

Who we are

Hadson Group Limited, a versatile organization in the UK, specializes in services like delivery, school transport, catering, training, and more. With a commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, Hadson values individual differences, ensures zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior, and promotes personal responsibility. The company’s dedication extends to regular reviews of employment practices and continuous monitoring of its commitment’s effectiveness. Hadson stands as a leader in delivering high-quality, innovative services tailored to its diverse customer base.

At Hadson Group, we are unwavering in our commitment to sustainability, with a clear vision of achieving Net Zero by 2030. Through strategic initiatives, renewable energy adoption, and continuous improvement in operational efficiency, we aim to significantly reduce and offset our carbon footprint. Our dedication to carbon reduction extends across our supply chain, operations, and product lifecycle. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, engage in responsible sourcing, and invest in technologies that minimize environmental impact. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, we aspire to lead by example and inspire positive change within our industry and community, working diligently towards a Net Zero future by 2030.