Modern Slavery Act

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Hadson Group Limited, a versatile organization in the UK, specializes in services like delivery, school transport, catering, training, and more. With a commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, Hadson values individual differences, ensures zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior, and promotes personal responsibility. The company’s dedication extends to regular reviews of employment practices and continuous monitoring of its commitment’s effectiveness. Hadson stands as a leader in delivering high-quality, innovative services tailored to its diverse customer base.

Modern Slavery Statement: Hadson Group Limited

Introduction: This modern slavery statement applies to Hadson Group Limited (referred to as Hadson) and pertains to the financial year ending 31 December 2022.

Organisational Structure: Hadson’s operational structure encompasses Workforce Management.

Definitions: Hadson acknowledges that modern slavery includes human trafficking, forced work through threats, ownership or control through abuse, dehumanization, and physical constraint. The company is committed to addressing these issues within its operations and supply chains.

Commitment: Hadson acknowledges its responsibilities in tackling modern slavery and commits to compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. This commitment involves continuous review of internal practices related to its labor force and supply chains.

Supply Chains: Hadson’s main supply chains include the sourcing of raw materials related to the procurement and processing of textiles. The company ensures that it does not engage in business with any organization knowingly involved in slavery, servitude, or forced labor.

Potential Exposure: Hadson identifies its main exposure to the risk of slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain, particularly in the sourcing of raw materials like linen. The company conducts due diligence to ensure that its supply chain is auditable and free from such risks.

Due Diligence Processes: Hadson employs several due diligence processes to identify and mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking. These include processing products within the UK, limiting the geographical scope to the UK mainland, building long-standing relationships with suppliers, and auditing sites where linen products are sourced.

Steps Taken: Hadson has measures in place to identify and assess potential risks in its supply chains. The company has secured commitments from its supply chain and conducts impact assessments of its services to address potential instances of slavery. Hadson ensures that its employees are UK-based and complies with the National Living Wage requirements.

Conclusion: This modern slavery statement is made in compliance with Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Hadson remains dedicated to reviewing and addressing issues related to modern slavery for each financial year, emphasizing transparency, ethical practices, and the well-being of its workforce and supply chain.