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Using our 75 Years of experience we have over the past 3 years started to use AI to Blockchain technologies to safeguard Data and resources.

Social Value Comes First

At Hadson, Social Value is our top priority. In 2023, we proudly contributed over £100,000 to support local education, football initiatives, and the employment of individuals facing barriers to work. We are committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve through our professional endeavours.

Blockchain Protects Data

Hadson’s 75 years of experience powers its adoption of blockchain technology, revolutionizing data protection beyond GDPR standards. By leveraging blockchain’s robust security features, Hadson ensures sensitive information remains secure and tamper-proof, instilling unparalleled trust in clients and solidifying its position as an industry leader in data protection.

Superior Contract Management

Hadson delivers superior contract management tailored to your needs. Our dedicated 24/7 service leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline workflows, enforce terms, and ensure compliance. With Hadson’s expertise, you can minimize risk, improve efficiency, and build stronger business relationships through effective contract management.


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DTRE Holdings Hospitality


Highly recommended!

Highly recommends Hadson for their exceptional, eco-friendly cleaning services. Their attention to detail and flexibility make them a top choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient cleaning solutions

Capital Hospitality

Facilities Management

Endless Support

Impressed by Hadson’s proactive approach to security and facilities management. Their investment in advanced technology and highly trained personnel demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the properties they manage

Glasshouse Student Accommodation


Dedicated Relationship Support-line

Recommends Hadson for their outstanding educational and training programs in digital and green skills. Their engaging sessions equip individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the modern, environmentally conscious workplace.

Nexus Terra

Turnkey Property Solutions

Quick Speedy Responses

Collaborates with Hadson on facilities management, rent collection, and cleaning. Hadson’s experienced professionals handle all aspects efficiently, providing transparent and reliable services. We recommend Hadson for their exceptional property management solutions.

A Living Wage and an Investor in People Employer

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