HADSON: We Protect and Enhance your Investments.

There are three approaches to any property investment:


What is the current value?


What is the potential Value?


What is the disposal value?


HADSON harnesses this approach acknowledging that like anything in life there is a sell-by date to any property. When the time is right, we purchase the property, add value to the property and dispose of the property. Ensuring that we constantly enhance any portfolio that is created.


Our value-added approach is completed by finding ways on how to increase the yield of the property. This means, can we add further residential elements to the property and run the operation ourselves.


We see ourselves as a family owned company that can constantly push the bar further on any property. Our experiences through three generations have taken us from Africa to American to U.K based investments allows us to understand the right approach for every client.



What We Offer

London Property Finders

Property and Land Consultancy

Capital Valuations

Through a network of London Finders and Agents, we are able to target and acquire Commercial and Residential Property, both on the market and off the market

Hadson Real Estate specialise in Unorthodox Property and Land strategies providing solutions for all technical and fundamental aspects of development, acquisitions, occupation, disposal, ownership, planning applications and taxation related

Every Property Investment; whether its Freehold or Leasehold is an investment for the future. Our expertise through our network and experience allows us to consult on the best approach on how to increase a properties valuation. We can then leverage this for financing, acquisitions or disposal of property


Legals in Property

Property Management

Refurbishment and Fit-Out Management

Our in-house team are able to explore every tactic and approach in negotiating, securing and mediation. Our extensive knowledge of property law combined with our growing network is designed to resolve problems through means unavailable to anyone else before litigation, tribunals or arbitration is needed

Comprehensive Property Management is available day and night to our clients specifically for Residential, Commercial and Block Management. Peace of mind for our clients is all that matters




A dream to Completion is our approach when it comes to undertaking a refurbishment or fit-out project. As our name states, Hadson Real Estate is skilled in the art of project management coupling our ideas with our legal expertise to ensure every problem has a solution.


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Why Choose Us

Our Network

We believe in using every resource that is available to ensure that every need of the client is met throughout the property process.

Comprehensive Service

Hadson Real Estate is a Boutique consultancy that offers all aspects of Property and Land Management.


A discretionary service is what makes our clients happy.

How We Work


Due Diligence

Solution Development

Implement Approach

A Hadson Asset Management Company

Hadson Real Estate is a Hadson Asset Management Company that specialises in Unorthodox Approaches and Solutions to Property and Land in London. Through Hadson Real Estate and Hadson Asset Management combined Network and experience; we are able to navigate the tricky terrain that is Property Management, Acquisitions and Legal Advice in London.


A Hadson Mall Company

Hadson Mall is a Boutique Mall Operator that focuses on Flexible Communities. Hadson Mall believe in helping new entrepreneurs bring Online ventures Offline. Hadson Mall is becoming synonymous with High Street Retail, Commercial and Food & Beverage flexible tenancies/licensees.



Through our constant ability to push the bar, we have seen over the generations’ clients needing opportunities to invest in an Islamic Financial Manner. HADSON offers clients the opportunities to do so, no matter their cultural background. HADSON ensures that Islamic integrity is maintained on investments throughout.

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Through our tailored network, we regularly receive opportunities to invest in other industries. Despite the vast majority of our clients being abroad, we offer the same opportunities to them, to ensure all our clients do not miss out.